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10 Fun and Healthy Activities for Nursing Home Residents

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Studies show that the health risks of loneliness in the elderly are just as damaging as smoking and obesity.

It’s up to you to make sure that your loved ones are placed in a nursing home that banishes feelings of isolation. A daily program will ensure that they experience a sense of engagement and achievement every day.

Here are examples of activities for nursing home residents that everyone can enjoy.

Physical Activities for Nursing Home Residents

Regardless of age, keeping your mind and body active is an important factor in slowing down the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many low impact physical activities to keep your loved ones fit. These include:

  1. Gentle Exercise

Walking remains one of the best activities for people of any age. Upper body exercises using resistance bands are a great way to keep less mobile seniors active and specially tailored calisthenics exercises are fun, too.

  1. Picnics and Outings

A change of scenery can work wonders for the well-being of the elderly. Those who are mobile on foot or in a wheelchair will benefit from the physical aspects of moving around outdoors too. Picnics and other outdoor outings undoubtedly  help both the physical and mental health of seniors.

  1. Animal Antics

A visit by therapy animals is a highlight for nursing home residents. Depending on their mobility, they can play with puppies or just cuddle specially trained animals.

  1. Using Technology

Some nursing homes have access to Wii game consoles, which allow residents to participate in a gentle physical activity while having fun. Even less immersive computer games can assist the elderly to keep their coordination and mental skills in tune.

Mental Activities for Nursing Home Residents

Even if your loved one is unable to participate in much physical activity, it’s important to keep their minds active. A good nursing home will ensure that mental activity is regularly on the schedule.

  1. Puzzles and Games

Bingo is always a hit and appeals to those with a competitive streak. Puzzles and crosswords are also great for keeping elderly brains active.

  1. Arts and Crafts

It’s intensely satisfying for elderly folk to create something useful. Sewing, leatherwork, embroidery, and quilting are challenging mental activities. Finger painting doubles as cognitive therapy.

  1. Story Time

Having a group of children visit to read to the elderly is always well received. It also gives seniors a chance to share their stories with the younger generation.

Worthwhile Activities for When You Visit

Don’t let visiting hours become an emotional drag. Let the fun continue when you visit your family members with these simple meaningful activities:

  1. Stimulate Those Memory Banks

Compile a memory book to look at together. Looking at photographs, news clippings, and treasured items is an enjoyable pastime for both you and your elderly family member.

  1. Get Out

Taking your loved one to lunch or tagging along on one of the nursing home’s planned activities is a real treat for the elderly. It also gives you a chance to meet their new friends and have a common topic to talk about.

  1. Phone a Friend

While you’re visiting, use your mobile phone to call one of their friends or an absent family member. A brief catch-up session will help your loved one to feel less isolated.

Getting the Best Care

Asking the right questions is key to choosing the best assisted-care facility near San Marcos and Escondido for your loved ones.

Get in touch with us and ask about our excellent activities program. The happiness and health of the seniors in our care is our top priority.