Finding Ideal Assisted Living Residence
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How to Find the Ideal Assisted Living Residence for Your Elderly

Assisted living

Old age is inevitable, and caring for our elderly loved ones may pose some difficulties especially if everyone in the family is working or incapable of providing care. If the health care needed entails medical assistance, the problem is compounded. The best option for our senior family members is to live in an Assisted Living Residence where they can live comfortably among people their age and their needs taken care of by professional health care providers and compassionate care givers.

When considering the option of moving your family member into an assisted living facility, you need to weigh the many choices available to you. Some of the questions that need to be answered are so common that sometimes they get overlooked.

Insurance Coverage

  • Will their insurance cover the cost of assisted living? Your Medicaid may cover a portion of the expenses while Medicare does not pay for long-term coverage. Although this type of care cost less than in a nursing home, it is still expensive.


  • Is the facility nearby or close to your workplace or home?
  • Will it be convenient to visit anytime the family wishes to?
  • Does the facility have parking for visitors?


  • Does the assisted living residence look bright and airy with ample ventilation?
  • Does the facility have a homey and welcoming environment?


  • Are the rooms provided with access platforms for the semi-impaired or semi-ambulatory residents?
  • Are the sleeping quarters comfortable and clean?
  • Does the residence have an area for socializing? Games? Movies? Etc.
  • Do they provide recreational facilities to keep the residents active?


  • Do they serve hot and healthy meals? Does the menu vary?
  • Are the residents fed according to medication needs or as a group?
  • Are the meals prepared in house or shipped in?

Health Care

  • Are the staff professional health care providers? Are they licensed?
  • Does the facility provide transportation for outside medical care? Appointments? Errands?
  • Does the facility have standby physician in case of medical emergencies?
  • Are the staff members allowed to dispense medication?


  • Is the facility fenced and gated?
  • Do they provide 24-hours security personnel?
  • Does the home facility have CCTV cameras installed?
  • Do the staff members monitor residents’ whereabouts especially during bedtimes?

Ask a lot of questions and expect getting clear and straightforward answers. Read fine prints before your sign up your loved ones in an assisted living facility (ALF). If you have more questions, you may ask  a reputable assisted living home. They can orient you on what needs to be done.

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How to Find the Ideal Assisted Living Residence for Your Elderly
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