What Services To Expect With Assisted Living
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What Services to Expect With Assisted Living

Thinking of perhaps getting a loved one of yours into an assisted living facility? It might seem daunting at first leaving them under the care of other people, but all you need to do to feel more secure is to familiarize yourself with the services they’re offering.

Medication/Health Care

In most cases, people brought in for assisted living have certain medical needs that need to be attended to on a regular. While there are no in-house doctors or nurses, they do have regular scheduled visits and are available on a 24-hour emergency call. But on a daily basis, the staff is more than qualified to hand out the prescribed medications to all residents and are trained on the know-how’s of senior care as well.

Social & Recreational Activities

Assisted living doesn’t only cater to medical care because they also have various recreational activities meant to entertain and keep the residents busy and preoccupied. Normally, these facilities would have a program they follow and have various areas for the residents to engage in these activities. In addition to these, there would also be areas for socializing with visitors such as family and friends as well.

Food Service & Housekeeping

Part of catering to the daily living of seniors is providing regular meals, housekeeping, and maintenance. When it comes to meals, do make sure to check what they usually serve to the elderly. It would also help if they could accommodate any special meal plans for your loved one as well.

Personalized Care

It’s quite understandable if you want a more personalized care experience for your loved one. This is even more important if he/she is suffering from a certain illness such as Alzheimer’s disease. If an assisted living facility can offer specialized care, then it would certainly make it so much easier for you and your loved one to transition.

Safety & Security

24-hour security is a requirement for all assisted living facilities. Senior living should have an emergency response system that can be accessed from any part of the facility, especially within the resident’s room.

It’s quite understandable if you still have some more inquiries and concerns regarding assisted living. Mary Katherines Homes would be a great place for you to start your loved one’s new journey and all it takes is to call them up to address all of your concerns as soon as possible.

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What Services to Expect With Assisted Living
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