5 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living
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5 Fun Summer Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

activities for seniors in assisted living

More than 47 million seniors live in the United States.

A large portion of these individuals live in assisted living residences. Most of these residences provide multiple activities for residents to foster a fun and nurturing community.

If you have a loved one currently in an assisted living facility, you may find yourself wanting to do more than merely drop by for a visit.

Having options is particularly important during the summer months when most people are out and about enjoying the sunshine.

In this post, we will discuss fun summer activities for seniors in assisted living that you can explore with your loved one this season. Read on for insight.

  1. Gardening

Experiencing beautiful blooms and curling vines in the midst of summer can be a wonderful past-time for nature-lovers of any age. Bring your senior to a patch of dirt to savor fresh flowers and harvest vegetables.

If you do not have access to a garden yourself, see if your town or city has a community or botanical garden for public access. Another option is to go to a local garden center to pick out some plants to take home.

Be sure to pursue this activity during the cooler hours of the summer months as extreme heat can be dangerous for elderly individuals.

  1. Summer Afternoon Nature Walks

Nature walks give explorers a chance to catch a glimpse of birds, identify plant species, and breathe in some fresh air. Go for a nature walk with your loved one in a community park or wildlife refuge.

Sometimes a mere backyard will suffice for a nature walk. Set up a bench under a backyard tree and see how many insects, birds, and animals you can identify together.

You may want to bring along a bird or plant identification book for extra fun!

  1. Poolside Barbecues

Summer is the time for afternoon and evening barbecues in the shade. Invite your senior along to such a gathering for some tasty grilled treats.

If you have access to a pool, host a poolside barbecue. Your senior and all your guests will love dangling their toes in the water while munching on favorite summer food.

Barbecues can also give your senior an opportunity to socialize with fresh faces.

  1. Museum Trips

For those hotter days during summer, take your loved one on an outing to a local museum or art gallery.

You do not have to tour the entire museum, particularly if it has many exhibitions. Focus on just one room and enjoy a meal at the museum cafe or cafeteria.

Sometimes museums will also hold special events or gallery openings. Consider bringing your senior to one of these events, particularly if he/she loves art or history.

  1. Sports Events

Summertime sports events are often outdoors, giving your senior a chance to relax, enjoy the sun, and cheer on their favorite team. You can also invite the grandkids along to make it a family event.

Book tickets to a baseball game or invite your senior to your child’s soccer game. Watch a local basketball scrimmage or gear up for football season in the later summer months.

Summer Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Devising fun activities for seniors in assisted living does not have to be a challenge, especially in the summer months. Take your senior on a nature walk or to a local museum or art gallery.

Invite your loved one to a poolside barbecue or sports event. Best of all, meander through a public garden when temperatures are at their most pleasant.

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