How to Celebrate the Holidays in an Assisted Living Facility
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Spread Your Cheer: How to Celebrate the Holidays in an Assisted Living Facility

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The holidays are a special time for families. Unfortunately, not all families live together. If you have elderly relatives, it is likely you will be spending part of your holidays in an assisted living facility.

In 2010, about 688,500 elderly persons were living in assisted living facilities. That means there were a lot of families looking for unique ways to celebrate the holidays in these residential care units.

For these residents, it can sometimes be difficult to cheer up and get into the holiday mood. Thankfully, there are many ways families can plan a fantastic holiday in an assisted living facility. Check out these tips to see how.

Ask the Staff

The staff working in an assisted living facility are professionals. It is likely they know exactly what your elderly relatives are feeling.

Any reputable residential care unit will already have holiday celebrations planned. This option means it will be less work for you to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones there.

Before you plan anything elaborate, reach out to the assisted living facility staff. You should make sure your plans do not interfere with the facilities.

Additionally, you can ask for their help and advice. The staff spend a lot of time with your family there, providing them with unique insight into their needs.

Ask Other Residents

Like the staff, the residents of the facility know your family. They spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with them. They are likely to have a special bond, which can be crucial to your holiday festivities.

Find out which residents are close to your family members and ask their input about your plans. They are an essential asset to planning the holidays in an assisted living facility.

Make It a Surprise

One of the hardest parts of living in an assisted living facility is feeling disconnected from family and friends on the outside. About 60% of ALF residents show some symptoms of depression, but you can help improve this.

For the holidays, collect cards and letters from friends and family. When you show up to the facility, you can present these to your family members. It will be one of the greatest holiday gifts they have ever received and will remind them that they are still an important part of your family.

Plan in Advance

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to plan it with the facility. Remember, this is a medical facility caring for many patients, so your plans have to be courteous to them as well.

Planning will also allow you to orchestrate more elaborate activities. You can even arrange video chats with the family who could not be there. Make sure to allow yourself enough time to gather decorations and gifts.

Holidays in an Assisted Living Facility

Spending the holidays in an assisted living facility does not need to feel clinical. Working with the staff and other residents can make the celebrations feel just like home.

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