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3 reasons an assisted living home close to family will help keep your loved one lively

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Are you looking for assisted living in Escondido and San Marcos? Perhaps you want the facility to be close to you so that you can visit your loved one often. This is really the best scenario because living close to your elderly loved one will keep them lively. You may ask yourself why would living close help keep your senior family member happy and healthy? There are many reasons and we will discuss them here.


Visiting is one of the most important things you can do for a loved one who is in an assisted living home. You want to keep them encouraged and let them know how much you love and care about them. It is a fact that residence that have visitors are happier in their living situations. Plus, visiting your loved one is certainly something you will want to do even if their needs are being cared for by someone else.

Keeping Independence

Assisted living means your loved one is still able to care for some of their basic needs. It is important that you still play an active role in your loved one’s life even if they live in an assisted living facility. Taking them to the doctor or the grocery store is still a possibility when you live close to them. This will ensure their needs are being cared for, while still living an active life with family and friends. There is a wide range of responsibilities that an assisted living facility can provide for your family member, such as transportation, meals, group activities or housekeeping.  This can all be provided and still allow the senior to keep as much of their independence as possible.

You can ultimately still help take care of your family member while ensuring they have care when you are not available. Allowing your loved one to remain an active part of society will help them keep some independence. You will be able to take them out to eat when you like or to family gatherings, while ensuring all their basic needs are provided for daily.

Get Involved

If you live close to your loved one that is in an assistant living facility, then you will be able to get involved in activities they provide. Some seniors are reluctant to get involved in activities because they do not feel like they fit in or just plain feel shy about being a part of a group. You will be able to encourage them to go to activities by going with your loved one.

This will allow them to meet others that live within the assisted living facility and make new friends. Having your support will help some much during a transition. When your loved one is able to make friends within the facility it can help them pass time more easily when you are not able to visit. Your involvement could play a pivotal role in your loved one thriving in their new environment.

There are many assisted living in Escondido and San Marcos facilities, but you will want to take time and choose one that is close to you. This will help your loved one feel more comfortable about their new environment. You will be able to visit often, and still take them to doctor appointments or family gatherings.

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