The Importance of Having Your Loved Ones Live in a Facility You Trust
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The Importance of Having Your Loved Ones Live in a Facility You Trust

Family Care

As your beloved family members age, it can become more complicated to manage their care. Chronic illnesses, loss of strength and balance, or even just an inability to handle daily tasks, such as bathing, cooking, or cleaning, could mean that your loved ones can no longer live on their own.

With that in mind, you may be looking for a place to properly care for your loved ones. Unfortunately, not all the facilities available for caring for your aging loved ones take their charge seriously. It is important to make sure that your loved ones are in a facility or residential care home that you can trust. Here are a few keys to look for when choosing a facility in North San Diego County.

Determine the Level of Care

Facilities offer a variety of levels of care. Therefore, it is important to choose a facility that can provide the right level of care for your loved one, be it more hands-on or simply assisting them with daily activities.

Additionally, you need to think about the future. While the residential care facility will be able to handle the care they need now, will it allow them to move from one level of care to another in the same facility? Essentially, you want to be able to allow your loved one to age in place as much as possible.

Understand the Finances

You need to be clear regarding the finances because if you step in and pay for the care, it could make applying for Medicaid more complicated. Therefore, it is important to preplan for the financial aspects of care, both now and into the future. This process can include becoming familiar with the Medicaid rules for your state.

The Size of the Facility

There are pros and cons to the size of a facility. For instance, a smaller facility can feel homier and cozier, but they may be able to provide fewer care levels. A large facility, on the other hand, may not have those same home-like touches but may provide the levels of care that you are looking for. Recognize that the facility’s atmosphere needs to be in step with the needs of your loved one.

Location is Critical

An important point is the location of the facility. You want to be sure that you can regularly visit to make sure that your loved one’s needs are being met. Being close can also help you to organize appointments for your loved one, including doctor’s visits and shopping. You will also get to the know the staff, and they will get to know you.

If you are looking for residential care homes or assisted living in the Escondido and San Marco area, contact us today to find out what we can offer your loved ones in terms of atmosphere and quality of care.

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