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Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility

Deciding to bring your loved one to an assisted living facility can be quite an overwhelming decision to make. It’s important to assess if a certain assisted living facility has what it takes to care for your elderly family member and provide all of their needs, while keeping them comfortable and entertained.


In finding the right assisted living facility, you first have to come up with well thought of questions that you will use for guidance in your decision. Upon your first visit to the facility, be sure to ask the following questions:


  • What’s services are offered by the facility and are there any add-ons?
  • What’s is a normal daily schedule consist of?
  • What type of medical care do they offer and to what degree? Would they be able to accommodate an elderly with special medical needs?
  • What is the intake process for evaluation to determine the care needed of a resident and how often do they conduct periodical re-evaluations?
  • What recreational/entertainment programs are offered?
  • How in-depth and accessible is the emergency response team? Are there MD’s on staff 24-7?
  • What types of insurance are accepted and do you have payment plans? What services are included within the base monthly services? Would these rates be affected if there are changes to the personal needs of a client?

These questions don’t cover the bulk of information that you’ll need but all of great starting points to get a baseline of what you can expect from a facility.  Mary Katherine’s Homes would gladly accommodate your questions and concerns regarding what assisted living is all about. Getting in touch with a reliable facility would give insight into all the services they offer—from assistance with daily living activities, to meal programs, exercise activities, housekeeping and maintenance services, visiting arrangements, safety and security setup, and organized recreational activities, among many others.

The most important thing is to remain aware and vigilant in analyzing all the information that you’ll be receiving. It can be quite overwhelming at first, but always keep in mind if at the end of the day, it’s a facility that can truly provide the right care for your loved one. This is even more relevant if your loved one has a specific medical condition, such as Alzheimer’s disease, which would necessitate a more personalized form of medical care. Make sure to cover all bases of assisted living before you make any concrete decisions.

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Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility
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