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What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility for an Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer's care

Struggling with the decision to find a place to care for an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s?

With so many things to consider, it’s understandable that finding the best care for a family member can seem overwhelming.

With November being Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, it brings to the forefront the importance of the critical care and compassion that patientsmust receive.

To help you in your search, read below for a list of 5 things to look for in an assisted living facility for an Alzheimer’s patient.

1. Amenities and Equipment

When visiting potential assisted living facilities for your loved one, consider the overall ambiance of the facility.

A few questions to ask yourself during a tour:

  • Are the rooms modern and well maintained?
  • Do the rooms have televisions?
  • Does the facility, as a whole, have a welcoming and cheerful appearance?
  • How is the quality of the food?

Be sure that the facility has the equipment to support any special needs your loved one might have.

2. Compassionate and Educated Staff

While the amenities of a facility are important, the staff plays a large role in the comfort level a facility can offer.

Taking the time to meet nurses, social workers, and other staff members can help you get an understanding of their demeanor and personalities.

Most importantly, once a facility is chosen, be sure to keep an open line of communication with the staff. Talk to your loved one about how they feel about their treatment.

3. Recreation at an Assisted Living Facility

An ideal assisted living facility will offer a variety of social opportunities and recreational activities for residents.

While top-notch care is of primary importance, Alzheimer’s patients can seriously benefit from socializing with other residents.

Whether your loved one enjoys exercising, arts and crafts, music or board games, finding a facility that they’ll enjoy is important.

4. Safety Aspects to Consider

Safety is a top concern since Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.

A facility with a doctor on staff or on-call and a hospital and pharmacy nearby will ensure that Alzheimer’s patients’ needs will be met as their condition worsens.

Other simple safety considerations include adequate lighting, security and emergency response systems, lockable doors, and handicap accessibility.

5. Financial Considerations

Once all the above have been considered, it’s important to think about financing involved in assisted living care.

Facility policies regarding insurance, Medicaid, monthly payments, and the costs of additional care are all important factors to think about.

Knowing your financing options before deciding upon a facility can help you or your loved one save on costs and ensure proper long-term care.

Get Your Loved One the Care They Deserve

Making the choice to check a loved one with Alzheimer’s into an assisted living facility is difficult, but hopefully keeping these 5 things in mind makes the task easier.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have about assisted living care. We’re happy to help!

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