Why Mary Katherine’s Homes is the Best Option for your Elderly Parent
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Why Mary Katherine’s Homes is the Best Option for your Elderly Parent

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Growing old is the natural order of things in which nobody can skip except those who passed before their prime. After all the sacrifices and the loving care that our parents have given us when we were growing up, it is time to pay back and care for them in their advanced years. When our work and own family affairs keep us from care giving, it is how senior assisted care at a facility such as the Mary Katherine’s Homes comes into play.

Assisted living is a long-term care for elderly persons who wish to remain independent but would require assistance in doing their personal needs such as preparing meals, bathing, shopping, medication, laundry, keeping doctor’s appointments, and other support services. Assisted living facilities such as Mary Katherine’s Homes have been in existence for over two decades, offering an alternative option to home care and nursing homes.

In facilities such as the Mary Katherine’s Homes, the residents enjoy the company of other seniors while engaging in the things they love to do. The staffs are professional caregivers who know how to take care of the residents’ needs. When looking for an assisted living facility, the following things must be considered:

Location- You would want to visit your parent as often as your time permits and the location of the facility is vital to your visiting schedules. It should be within driving distance and closer to a familiar community.

Type of Residence- privacy is of utmost importance in a shared living facility. There are different types of residence in an assisted living community. You can choose between a studio apartment and a bungalow type of home.

Support services- carefully evaluate the list of services that the facility offers. Take time to enquire about the food, the amenities, transportation and recreation area. In Mary Katherine’s Homes, meticulous attention is given to these details.

Staffing- Check the credibility and professional background of the caregivers who will be assisting your parent. Friendly and accommodating staffs can give you a sense of hospitality and relief. Resident doctors should be easily accessible in case of medical emergencies.

Security- Facilities such as the Mary Katherine’s Homes are safe and secured for your beloved parent. The elderly may wander outside the residence and get lost. There must be CCTV cameras around the building and grounds to monitor the resident’s activities and whereabouts.

Being in an assisted living facility such as Mary Katherine’s Homes doesn’t mean your aging parents are being abandoned. They deserve the best care that a trusted facility can offer. Call them for more

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Why Mary Katherine’s Homes is the Best Option for your Elderly Parent
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