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5 ways to stay active and engaged while living in a nursing home

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Senior Living communities, also known as nursing homes, give older adults the care they need as they age. Most facilities offer 24-hour, around the clock service if needed to help the elderly with their meals, medications, hygiene and laundry amongst many other things. Nursing homes also provide an important sense of community and the ability to make friends to help reduce the feelings of loneliness and depression. It is important to make time for your loved ones once they enter a nursing home as they often feel forgotten and it is your responsibility to give them the love and attention they need in order to stay active and engaged.

  1. Bring family & friends

Once you transition your loved one(s) into a nursing home that is when they will need you the most. Be sure to bring family along on visits as well as pick up any of their elderly friends that they would like to stay connected with. While phone calls and video chats are nice, it does not quite compare to actually being able to see and hug someone.

  1. Reminisce & share stories

If the weather is a bit on the crummy side, why not bring some old photo albums or scrapbooks and spend the day reminiscing? There is nothing quite like sharing stories from when your parents or grandparents were growing up and what it was like to live in their era. It’s even better when they share some of your cute and embarrassing stories as you were growing up that you might have forgotten about. It will leave them full of love and laughter.

  1. Find a Senior Exercise Program

It is completely understandable that you will not have time every single day to visit your loved ones. To give you a peace of mind, try finding a senior exercise program either inside of or close to their nursing home where a variety of classes are offered to make sure they are staying active to avoid increased health risks such as weight gain, decreased joint mobility and loss of bone density.

  1. Go on an adventure

How fun would it be to plan visits every now and then that get your seniors outside of the nursing home? Nothing beats some fresh air and different scenery. As long as their health permits, the options are endless. Go for a walk in the park and grab some lunch or see a movie with the entire family and after go to their favorite ice cream place. That time spent will keep a smile on their face for days!

  1. Bring a furry friend

If all of you are animal lovers, some of the best therapeutic activity is petting a dog or cat. It brings stress-relief and can help reduce blood pressure and heart rates helping to lower cholesterol, prevent depression, and the risk of heart disease and strokes. Just be sure to check with the nursing home to make sure bringing furry friends is allowed.

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