Useful Gifts for Loved Ones in an Assisted Living Facility
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Useful Gifts for Loved Ones in an Assisted Living Facility

gifts for assisted living members

As our loved ones age, it can become more and more difficult to buy presents for them.

What do you get for someone who has lived a full life and who is now downsizing their possessions to live in a smaller, shared space?

Useful gifts are the name of the game, even if the use isn’t immediately obvious.

Think less about long-arm grabber tools and more about gifts whose token use is making everyday life just a little bit sweeter.

Not sure what we mean? We’ve put together a list of useful gifts any assisted living resident would love.

Lovely Soaps and Toiletries

Toiletries are a little indulgence that allows us to feel pampered without going overboard.

The right fragrance can lift our mood or even transporting us to another place and time.

Soaps and toiletries may sound like a write-off gift, but buying their favorite fragrances or even spa products may help lift them up on days that otherwise feel mundane.

Hint: remember to buy them toiletries they can use. Avoid bath bombs or bath creams if they don’t have access to a tub.

Basket of Delicious Snacks

Making the adjustment from independent to assisted living is difficult for most seniors.

It’s not uncommon for appetites to suffer during this initial phase or even over the long-term because of aging or dealing with loss.

While working through their emotions is the only way forward, a tempting basket of their favorite treats always helps sweeten the deal.

The snacks can be homemade or from the store, but they should represent some of your loved one’s favorite foods.

If you can use these treats to remind them of how much their presence has meant to you by bringing back special memories, then the gift basket will be twice as sweet.

Make a Keepsake

Many people choose to downsize their belongings when they move into an assisted living facility. In many cases, they throw away little things with meaning and are left only with the memories.

Help keep those memories alive and add personality to their room by making them keepsake gifts.

The range of keepsake gifts available includes traditional keepsakes, such as journals and memoirs. However, you don’t need to feel limited to these time-honored traditions.

For example, adult coloring books are a lovely keepsake designed to stave off the boredom. They’re even something that can be done together with children and grandchildren to make new memories and keep a record.

Useful Gifts Should Be Meaningful Gifts

When most of us think of a useful gift, we think about appliances, socks, and gift cards to university bookstores.

However, in the case of your elderly relatives, a useful gift isn’t only something practical – it should also be meaningful.

Whether it encourages them to smile, remember or simply brightens up their room, these gifts have the potential to make your loved one’s transition just a little easier.

Are you or a family member entering a stage where assisted living is starting to make sense?

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