What to Look for When Placing Your Family in Assisted Living
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What to Look For When Placing Family in an Assisted Living Home

It’s not an easy decision to make when you’re thinking of bringing your parents, grandparents, or any elderly member of your family to an assisted residential care home. A personal decision such as this must not be taken lightly and should be done having acquired all the relevant information that you could gather about assisted living. This is to ensure the welfare and proper care of your family member as you put their lives in the hands of someone else.

Common Spaces

Assisted living homes should have just the right size of common spaces wherein the residents could interact and spend most of their day in, as well as where visiting family members could stay in while spending some time with their elderly. These open spaces should have that pleasant and appealing ambiance in addition to being properly maintained. Even hallways should be easy to navigate and must have the right safety mechanisms put in place such as handrails.

Living Spaces

What are the available options for living spaces for the residents? Make sure that they have what you’re looking for, may it be a private or shared room. It’s within your right to take a look at every type of room that’s available for the taking in order for you to make an informed decision. And just like with the common spaces, these rooms should also have a certain pleasant and open feeling so as to avoid the elderly from feeling too cooped up.


What is their food plan? Food is an integral aspect for residential care homes and should be properly looked into as well. All details regarding the food—from the schedule, to the meals, to special requests, and so on—should be considered before deciding if a specific home would be suitable for your elderly family member.

Amenities & Activities

What are the available amenities and activities for the elderly? Check into what an assisted living home has in their daily program to keep the elderly busy and engaged. They may also have additional amenities that the residents could make use of for entertainment and leisure as well.

These are the four most important aspects to assess when touring and choosing residential care homes Escondido CA. After making sure that a certain residential care home has passed your standards, then it’s time to proceed in making the living arrangements for the elderly member of your family.

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What to Look For When Placing Family in an Assisted Living Home
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